Baby Monitor – Infant Optics DXR-5- Voice Activation

Product: Infant Optics DXE-5 Baby Monitor
Price:  $159.00 (retail)
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Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1 inches
Guarantee: 1Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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The DXR– 5  Baby Monitor Product Overview

Baby monitors have variety of useful features (some really good others not so good), yet they are all relatively easy to operate. Take the likes, volume sensitivity and two-way talk. As for example look the DXR-5 baby monitor and its features, and this is just some . With so many makes of baby monitors, features will vary considerably from maker to maker. Therefore, it’s wise (and I recommend) to do some research early on. On the other hand, there will be some parents who have already done research, so they will have a reasonable idea of preference in what will best suit their/baby needs, now and into the future. Then, it  all comes down to making that final decision.

In my post I ask that you sit back in your chair and come along with me on an inside look at the DXR-5 baby monitor, and what it offers, even though it may not be your choice of preference. But, what it will do is give you a first hand look at ideas and what types of features are available.

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Standard video monitors (limited features) merely let you look and listen in on your baby. Whereas, monitors with a vast array of functionally, offer many options, likes, every little noisesoundmotionheartbeat, or temperature change.

Undoubtedly, features have an important role to play as parents look at them as being essential. Furthermore, that just hi-lights the fact why there are such a variety of choice in one form or another.

The key to gathering information that is most valuable to you, rests wholly in understanding, what are the features/functionality you expect from a baby monitor. And this can be quite tricky? That’s the reason why I have written this post to help you through those sticky situations.

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What The DXR-5 Baby Monitor Offers?

The DXR-5 baby monitor has good audio monitoring capabilities; For instance, when the monitor is muted, the audio display will show you a chart indicating how much noise the baby is making. Click here to pick up your baby monitor.

The audio display alerts you if your baby is just quietly cooing in their sleep or wide awake, requiring attention.

Real-time breathing monitoring knows that your baby is breathing with night vision HD video.

Infrared night vision is excellent for keeping your baby visible even when it’s dark.

Notifications will alert you if anything changes with your baby’s breathing patterns or if the baby is crying or beginning to wake.

Voice activation reviews, indicated that the DXR-5 activates itself when it hears noise in the baby’s room. (Great Report)

So when your baby is sleeping, you can too. Moreover, PEACE OF MIND knowing you can rest when your baby does.


ALL-IN-ONE MONITOR – See and know your baby is breathing without any wearables, wires, or mats.

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SECURE HD VIDEO – Automatic Frequency Hopping System, (FHSS), toggles between channels in the 2.4GHz range, therefore virtually ‘encrypting’ the data, ensuring others will not be intercepting your precious video and audio feed.

TRANSMISSION and INTERFERENCE – It has a built-in feature eliminating interference from other wireless devices in the household, likes, cordless phones, video game controllers and wireless routers. Quite a bonus.


Power-saving features include automatic voice activation power-saving mode, automatically shutting down the unit should no noise be sensed for three minutes. The monitor unit will then go into ‘sleep mode’ after that period of silence, conserving power. Will reactivate the video and audio if the monitor detects any noise. The benefit with this is the function can be toggled ON and OFF.


It is reasonable to suggest that not all monitors cater to a portable power source. However, as indicated by the manufacturer the DXR-5 does and will last up to 12 hours with voice-activated alert (VOX). What that means, in VOX mode will extend the re-chargeable life of the battery up to twelve hours.

Once the monitor detects a period of stillness, it will divert into ‘sleep’ mode’. However, it will alert you and turn on when your baby cries. … So, if your baby is a quiet sleeper, adjust the VOX sensitivity to the lowest level.


Designed to allow parent unit to be completely silent when your baby isn’t crying.

When the baby’s sound exceeds a prescribed activation level, the audio automatically starts streaming again.

When activating the auto-mute mode select the required level of activation you want to stream audio to parent unit when baby needs help.


Will disregard white noise – static including residual sound. It shuts off the audio if the sound level goes below 65 dB (calm conditions) for around 10 seconds. Will reactivate itself immediately it detects any noises.

The DXR-5 streams video at 30 frames per second, which means there’s no lag or delay in the video you see. (Very Impressive)

The DXR-5 has a long transmission range with the manufacturer advertising a range of around 800 feet.

However, that range will vary according to what obstacles affect the transmission quality.
Moreover, there are also many other factors that deserve consideration mainly through electrical appliances and wiring between walls etc.

Similarly, such interference factors will impact with other monitors no matter what type or brand.


A handy camera stand comes with the DXR-5 and can be wall mounted as well, so you can quickly view your baby in its crib as well as see all other parts of the nursery.

Worthy of note; The DXR-5-Cam must be in the centre on the long side of the crib, 3 feet above the mattress. The camera can be secured to the drywall anchors using screws. Adjust the camera to point down and have a full view of the bed.

With the audio monitoring, the DXR-5 provides many useful tools for use. None more than the two-way talk feature which many parents view as a vital essential, and the DXR-5’s implementation is excellent.

All parents understand that soothing a disturbed baby, quickly, is so important even when you’re not close by; therefore this feature is a Big Plus.

DXR-5 Product Description

The DXR-5 2.4GHz Digital Video Baby is a simple yet affordable monitor which features ‘Night Vision’ from Infant Optics. Comes with features allowing you to watch over your baby in private, securely and with no interference.

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Has a 2.4″ screen with a 320 x 240 resolution, plus a built-in microphone, so sensitive that it captures each and every precious moment; ‘NOTE’ Reviews have indicated the screen size as being rather tiny in comparison to other makes.

Comes with a 2.4GHz static-free (digital) wireless transmission with a distance coverage in open areas of up to 800ft.

However, much less within confined or enclosed spaces reducing the distance to around 150ft.

Distances are of a general rule of thumb and should be taken as approximate, as they are wholly dependent upon many unknown factors.


Toggles between various channels within the 2.4GHz range. This by virtue is encrypting the data, therefore ensuring others will not be intercepting your precious video and audio feed.

With the night vision, and even when sleeping you can keep an eye on your baby of around a 10-foot distance away from the camera.

Helpful hints to look for when troubleshooting the DXR-5 monitor.

The metal plates of battery need a clean, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
Give the battery a pivot, left side first ensuring metal plates are in contact.


Ensure the power connection is plugged fully into the jack of the monitor.
Try swapping AC adapter leads from the camera unit and the monitor. If the monitor fires up, then you have a faulty AC adapter lead that needs replacing.

Any 2.4Ghz appliances which usually include laptops – routers – smartphones – internet TV, and any other devices operating on a 2.4Ghz frequency away from both the monitor and camera unit. A safe distance being at least three feet or more is recommended.

Check that the antenna on the camera unit is positioned to an upright position.

DXR-5 Night vision does not work; Contact the manufacturer.


The screen is quite small, being only 2.4 inches, with a resolution of, 320 x 240, the display lacks a percentage of detail.
Even so, you are still able to see your baby, although the facial expressions will be a little complicated to make out.

In addition; According to many parent reviews.
The video monitor’s battery life, is around a four-hour window only, (Manufacturer advises12 hours), when on continuous use.
Then requires a further battery re-charge. Such frequency can be at times inconvenient.

Despite having a few flaws which are somewhat a drawback, the DXR-5 is a decent video baby monitor.

From a general observational viewpoint, and according to reviews, the Infant Optics’ DXR-5 is a simplified version of the DXR-8 model.

Moreover, as a video baby monitor, it lacks a few features within the functional area, and that causes it to lag behind other monitors that offer more extensive features.

None-the-less, support options are dominant, with the audio monitoring being of great value.


The Infant Optics DXR-5 is quite a decent video baby monitor with similar features to what you’d find in the best video baby monitors. Click here for your baby monitor

However, with such a small screen along with average re-charge battery life doesn’t do any favours.

Moreover, what it lacks in features makes up within the mobility and functionality areas with the audio monitoring being first class;
And because of its strength in these areas which have been very well implemented, it does mostly succeed as being sort after, even though it does fall a little short in comparison to other baby monitors.

My # 1 Choice is DXR-8
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