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 “It is a truth universally acknowledged, those new parents who own a new baby must need a playpen.”
The primary objective of my post is to furnish a straight forward, Insightful, value-packed review of five playpens which, by the way, are a tiny sample of the market.

Before I get started with my review, I want to give you an elevator lift as to what the prime purpose is behind this review. I intend to express a clear understanding, lots of clarity, including aspects as to why playpens are so popular; And how they will help you?

Parents for the first time, are understandably concerned with the general welfare of their new baby and more especially when they begin moving about.

Without restraint, their aim of the adventure is mind-boggling, moreover, how quickly they can move is concerning.

In my review; I have evaluated five popular playpens; what each offers in the way of features and benefits and how each present. Furthermore, my review is only a tiny section of the overall playpen market.

The playpens in my review are not necessarily, top of the range nor at the bottom. They are considered to be more in line with the everyday choice of many parents. Admittedly, others, that are not covered here may raise more appeal to you.

Predominately, playpens are just that “Playpens”. Inasmuch, they all offer a variety of features, while boasting a plethora of functions. The market can be deceiving as quite often they are listed as play yards while others are in the category of playpens, with very little difference between the two.

Furthermore, your choice should be regulated by the age of your baby; with some playpens/play yards are more suited for infants 6 months through to 24 months only.

One of the better features with playpens, they give a sense of security because the barrier becomes a safety zone where your baby can move around, and only within that confined space.

Five Rated Playpens

The five playpens That I have rated are among the better choices by parents; however, as I indicated earlier, there are many others to choose from. All offer a similar, in the way of features/benefits that I covered in my review.

1. Summer Infant Pop N Play Portable Play Yard

2. Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard Black

3. The North States Super yard Color play 6/8 – Panel Play Yard

4. Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Play Yard

5. Baby Diego Cub play Spot Play Yard

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard

Product: Summer Infant Pop “N” Play Portable Play Yard

Price: $116.00 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 26 pounds (lbs)

Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty

Product Dimensions 59.2 x 29 x 27 inches

My Rating: 9.7 out of 10

It quickly becomes evident that growing babies become increasingly mobile with clear signs that they are ready to start moving around. Indicators will alert you that your child is becoming quite restless and is no longer happy being in the one spot and is now ready to start exploring. Playpens allow them that piece of freedom, even though it is contained, but enough to satisfy their appetite.

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What makes the Infant Pop ‘N Play a favorite playpen? Because, it’s so easy to quickly assemble and dismantle, means the playpen can be used anywhere in the home, a visit to the park or even a weekend at the beach. Inasmuch, as its compact fold, and portability allows for easy transportation, although the weight is a factor (15.9 pounds) even though a carry bag with shoulder strap is provided, could still be of a carrying issue. Nonetheless, a great playpen with plenty of versatility.

Water Resistant Floor

Dampness isn’t an issue having a water-resistant base gives for the playpen to be assembled on a damp or wet surface, while at the same time provide a dry environment for the child.

Mesh Sides;

Resistant-duty oxford material with removable easy to keep clean, airy mesh sides. Ideal for outdoors as you can at a glance see what your baby is doing without having to move.

Furthermore, it is a free-standing playpen with a safety lock mechanism

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• Anti-skid base with six corner suckers to prevent any sliding movement

• Anti-collision railing guards protect baby from getting hurt

• Padded airy mesh excellent

• Weather resistant

• Versatility Playpen – play yard – suitable for newborn through to toddler

• Anti-skid base with six corner suckers to prevent any sliding movement

• Anti-collision railing guards protect baby from getting hurt

• Padded airy mesh excellent

• Weather resistant

• Versatility Playpen – play yard – suitable for newborn through to toddler

Joovy New Born2 Portable Playpen Black

Product: Joovy New Born2 Portable Playpen Black

Price: $149.99 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

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Size of Container: 29.6 pounds (lbs)

Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty

Material Type: Cotton

Product Dimensions 39.8 x 39.8 x 31 inches

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

There will always be moments as parents where you need some time to yourself; in as much as taking a quick shower – a spot of general housework – preparing dinner – quick trip to the loo. BUT, Oh No… baby has just woke, and begins to stir or in their own little way, asks for some attention. What do you do?

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Stay for a few minutes and try settling your baby, or in the other hand if you have a Joovy Room2 playpen, pop baby into the playpen with a few toys and they’ll most likely be happy; Now you go about doing your own thing, because the Room2 Playard provides a safe place for baby and peace of mind for you. Win-Win solution.

With a spacious area of almost ten square feet, plenty of room for baby to comfortably move around or even drop off to sleep. High mesh windows provide excellent visibility for both parent and baby.

The Room2 is generally known as the workhorse mainly because of its durability with the construct being endurance built. And as such will serve the purpose for extra use if necessary later on. Valuable for those first-time parents who intend having a family of more than one child. Definite bonus.

Low Centre Of Gravity

• Allows that quick minute that you need

• Plenty of room for playing and a daytime nap

• The ideal choice for twins

• Mesh windows full view parent and child

• Machine washable soft sheet

• Waterproof sheet available (Extra Cost)

• Two wheels for ease of mobility

Top Baby Accessories

• Travel Bag

The Joovy Room2 has plenty of features, spacious play area and offers parents and baby safety and security.

Joovy has a two-year warranty with valuable customer service.

North States Super Yard Color Play 6/8 – Panel Play Yard

Product: North States Super Yard Color 6/8 Panel Play Yard

Price: $89.99 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 25.6 pounds (lbs)

Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty

Material Type: Plastic

Product Dimensions 38.5 x 38.5 x 26 inches

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Solution To Crawling Problems

Looking for a solution to a crawling problem? The Super yard, maybe the answer. This super yard furnishes an excellent safe playing area by containing children who are moving about;

One of the great benefits of the super yard is the non-slip pads; Suitable for any surface and with many homes having polished floorboards, pads will not damage the surface.

Has a 26″ high interlocking six/eight-panel enclosures and will cater for the square footage of around 18.5 square feet. (six panel only). Additional two groups are available but do come at an extra cost.

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Another added feature is the excellent flexibility and mobility; with only a few clicks of the interlocking panels, it can be set up anywhere in the home, or outdoors for that matter.

The simplicity of setting up the panels to your liking is only a matter arranging, then a few flicks to interlock and you’re all done. That simple.

A handy, yet convenient carry handle provides the take anywhere approach. A plus when visiting the park for a picnic, a day at the beach or even when visiting the grandparents.

Furthermore, the play yard (six panels) can act as an extra-wide safety barrier in conjunction with a Superyard Wall Mount Kit. Importantly though, this is sold as a separate item, so will attract an extra cost to the bottom line. But, parents with an open floor plan the additional cost may well be worth it.


Fit openings from 38 1/2″ to over 16 feet wide.

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The North States Play Yard is highly rated because of its overall lightweight colourful design. The effortlessness of the interlock panels including ease of transportation.

An ideal solution in controlling infants who are on the move

• Plus it is affordable and accessible

• Has a long-lasting life

• Efficient and reliable

• Engaging panel colours

• Non-slip pads

• Safe environment for your baby

• Lightweight easy folding and transporting

• Safe to use for any indoor surface will not scratch

• Suitable for infants from 6 – 24 months

Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Play Yard

Product: Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Play Yard

Price: $57.99 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 16.2 pounds (lbs)

Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty

Material Type: Fabric/Mesh

Product Dimensions 40.0 x 28.0 x 32 inches

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Whether playing or napping The Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playard is a perfect solution for your baby. Set up is a snap, and quickly breaks down and fits into its own compact and convenient carrying tote bag.

The four meshed sides are fashioned in trendy designs and colours provide a comfortable tone for all rooms.

Includes a padded floor and wheels on 1 end for easy mobility.

Cleaning made easy, just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth, and allow for drying.

Ideally suited for children under 36″ in height (or when the child is able to climb out).

Comes with professional expertise and stringent standards that ensure top quality.

Quick Easy Setup

• Mesh sided

• Full-size play yard

• Casters and cover

• Easy fold for storage and travel

• Travel bag

• Convenient carrying tote bag

Baby Diego Cub play Spot Play Yard

Price: $139.00 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Top baby accessories

Size of Container: 34.0 pounds (lbs)

Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty

Material Type: Plastic

Product Dimensions 31.0 x 13.0 x 24 inches

Minimum weight recommendation 5 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation 40 Pounds

Additional product features FoldingMobile/Toy Bar

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

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No matter being at home or baby in toe at work, the Diego Cub Zone will comfortably cope both situations. With an eight-panel adjustable combination, which incidentally can increase the number of panels or in fact reduce, it is all dependent on your location at that time. Moreover, ideally suited for parents who have a confined living space, but, still, want their child some freedom without clogging up too much space. So, this has to be a definite plus.

Multi Purpose Function

As similar to many other play yards; they all have a multi-purpose function, in so far as providing a solution to infants who are looking for that percentage of freedom. And, of course, parents as well.

Craftsmanship is of high quality with the bottom of each panel fitted with rubberized suction cups designed to withstand sliding. Diego Cub has used a non-toxic PE material of a commercial grade. A product used for everyday products, therefore making it perfectly safe for infants.

The design and structure of the eight panels provide flexibility plus. For instance, they can be set up into various positions, (i.e.) rectangle – octagon or square. No matter the space requirements you can be pretty much assured this playpen will cater for all situations. Conveniences are aplenty.

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Having the ability to add extra panels (added cost) gives the opportunity in expanding the safe playing area, while at the same time sufficient space for your baby in learning to walk.

Assemble and/or disassemble is relatively easy, so transporting and setting up isn’t any hassle. Insomuch, as a day out becomes a pleasurable trip rather than having to worry. It’s just a matter of a few panels snapping into position and baby’s playhouse is ready.

What an engaging fun-filled activity play yard; A construction that is durable yet rather sturdy.

• Easy to assemble

• Indoor – outdoor use

• Quick and easy to wipe clean

• Eight panels with an additional two optional (extra cost

• Panels securely clock into position

• Provides a safe playing area

• Manufactured of a 600D durable material

• Fitted mattress sheet made with 100% cotton

• Wheels for mobility

• Carry bag with shoulder strap

• Ideal for infants of 6 – 24 months

Facts of Consideration Purchasing a Playpen/Play Yard


Your prime focus when considering the purchase of a playpen/play yard must always be the safety first. Ensuring, safety and wellbeing of your baby is unquestionably your number one priority.

The most important being;

• Safety Locks

• Non-skid base

• Material make-up

• Toxins

• Compounds – elements (i.e.) Phthalates/BPA


Is portability important to you? “YES” of course it is.

So then, this has to be one of the prime factors for consideration.

• Moveability is it simple or complicated

• Assemble and/or dismantle relatively easy task or cumbersome

• Carry bag with shoulder strap

• Weight – comfortable or bulky and heavy


• Discounting the size required can fraught with danger, as your infant needs space to move around comfortably; Or have asleep without being cramped for room. Therefore, an idea of what overall area you think will be required beforehand will be beneficial later on as your baby grows.


The cost should be regulated by what suits your overall requirements, and that doesn’t mean looking at the most expensive in the belief that they will come with all the bells and whistles; Because that won’t be the case at all. On the other hand nor will the standard playpens be suitable. As in many cases, there are plenty of hidden nasties, which are only identified after the purchase.

Look only at what best suits, but, has all the safety features and is toxin free.

Usually, you will find as I’ve indicated in my review; many middle range playpens/play yards do carry all the safety features and priced at a respectable level of affordability.

Under no circumstances expose your most treasured cargo to any nasties, whatsoever.


• Dodgy makers who amplify how easy their play yard is to assemble, usually are at the beginning; However, after a while, they begin to show signs of fatigue, so more than likely, they won’t see out the distance to that of the better quality makes.

All the popular brands are rather easy to assemble and dismantle, but, the difference here they are constructed with durability in mind. Therefore, the likelihood of getting value for your investment far outweighs the cheaper versions.

Final Thoughts

I have only measured a tiny sample of the market. With many others that will be of equal value and performance as opposed to my review.

However, what I have covered, and taken into account are the features most parents see as being essential.


Ensuring the safety of your baby is of uttermost importance. Points not to overlook; safety locks – base – non-skid – materials used – plastics are they toxic free of phthalates, and BPA.


Playpens/play yards are not designed for indoor use only. Visits to the park, beach or a nice picnic, somewhere must be considered, therefore, weight for carrying needs to be included in the final evaluation.


Size of the playpen also requires thought, as some have very little space and that’s the last thing you need. Your baby needs room to move about or lay down for a sleep. The overall area you think will be required as essential, then needs to be included in your final summary


The most expensive playpen or for that matter the cheapest shouldn’t be your primary focus. Many other products, within the middle range, costing; are of equal value and do offer many features/benefits as that of the most expensive. Ontheotherhand, the cheapest have very few if any benefits and in many cases overlook a number of safety aspects.


During your research, you will experience quite a price variable. Some value for money. Others not so.

Really, it all boils down to what suits your needs best matched with a price tag to match.

All the five in my review is of the considered opinion to represent value for money, along with many features.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

If there anything that I can help, please leave a moment, and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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