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When it comes to strollers, parents look for one that will deliver ultra ergonomic comfort when strolling. Parents also want the best for their child when it comes to safety and convenience. The Ergobaby Metro Stroller provides; Ergobaby is a well established and trusted brand in the world of baby carriers; So, they understand what is necessary for parents; And, that is why they have designed and created a stroller without compromise.

Every parent gives their baby full unconditional love and care; Therefore, when it comes to caring will never skimp on anything from the gentlest of touches to the utmost of comfort, because, they understand their baby deserves all the support they can offer.

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Lightweight And Compact

Lightweight and compact, sufficient enough that it will take you everywhere you need to go, remarkably designed for the ultimate in comfort and care.
• The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is loaded with many extras; (i.e.) plushness – comfortable padding – supporting your baby’s head section – legs and bottom
• A complete package, small enough for transporting onto subways and buses – when it’s folded it fits within most of the airline overhead compartments, while even will fit into a trunk of the smallest car.
• Ideal from birth and up to 40 lbs
• Compact/lightweight: 20.8 x 16.9 x 9 inches; 14 lbs

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Smooth ride suspension with ergonomic comfort, for those ultra-compact strolls; With one hand fold for packing or storage.
Soft cushion padding for that little extra comfort. With adjustable spring suspension when strolling over rough terrain.

• With over 40% more padding than what other ultra-compact strollers offer. That gives the Metro City the edge when it comes to ultra-compact strollers.

• Small enough to store in most places even under tables in restaurants, Metro had made it so easy to go everywhere you want with your baby.
• Large back tires along with a spring suspension will absorb bumps and unevenness for a comfortable and smooth experience for baby
• Deep recline and adjustable leg rest allow the little one to kick up their feet and sleep quite comfortably.
• A genuine one-hand, easy fold; no reaching under the stroller to fold this one
• Lightweight – only 13.9 lbs.
• Basket with ample storage with a hidden back pocket seat
• PU rubber tires which are durable and puncture free
• Removable seat pad that is machine washable
• Sun Canopy that is quite large in size with a UV 50 rating
• Added ventilation for those hot days with a mesh panel
• Two Year Warranty
• Accessories weather shield – Backpack/style carry bag
• Folding dimensions: 20.8 x 16.9 x 9 inches

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Little Doubt Why A Compact Stroller Will Help Your Everyday Routine

As a parent, your everyday routine is busy while at other times it will be mayhem. As we all know children are adorable but, at times will turn simple errands into a significant affair.
Simple little things like running to the local store for a few items, done alone will take no time flat; But, now with a child it will take as long as necessary.

Because, now there are many other things to take care of before leaving home; Pack the diaper bag, pack the car, load your child into the car and fasten your child into the car seat restraint. WOW!! Now you are ready to move. Arrive at the store; now it’s reverse repeat the routine.

Your once upon a time quick trip to the store now becomes at least a 20 procedure. (and of course, that is if everything goes to plan); Because we all know there is no set time frame with a baby.

At times little things like this have a tendency to make you feel like you’re going crazy. We all have situations where we have the need to leave the house, even if it’s just to keep our sanity; But, that all changes as simple tasks are now more comprehensive.

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What Are The Benefits of Compact Strollers?

Choosing a stroller doesn’t mean you should have to choose between having a robust/sturdy stroller which can hold your baby and other baby needs; Or-for-that-matter, a lightweight stroller for quick fold up and assemble; Those days have gone.

With compact strollers today there is no reason to compromise as they offer convenience provide functionality and full comfort for your baby.

Compact Convenience

The compact stroller is slim in both folding or while in use, with a one-hand-fold for storage while sufficiently thin to comfortably fit down hallways or narrow shopping aisles, or on elevators. The significant advantage of being lightweight there is minimal or no hassle for transporting.

Parent/Approved Performance

Modern versions of today’s compact strollers are quite functional. Very easy to steer, and although lightweight, they’re sturdy and have the right style wheels to suit.
Folding made easy with one-hand operation. Also come with storage compartments, plus an easy and accessible locking mechanism.

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Child-Approved Comfort
Convenience and functionality are vital; Furthermore, they are more critical in making sure a stroller is comfortable for your child. Reclining padded seat with leg rests, and sunshades, it’s difficult to find a stroller that is so comfortable; In fact, your baby will fall asleep during your walks in the afternoon.

Better Value

You will with a compact stroller, save valuable space and more often than not save money.

While there are some which can be rather pricey; However, it is much easier to find a compact stroller in the price range and one that you want.

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When Can You Use A Compact Stroller?

The great thing with compact strollers almost anyone can use one. That ranges from the parents to older siblings and grandparents; even teenage babysitters.

It’s reasonable to suggest that no caregiver will have any problem operating such a simple, lightweight stroller. However, the only person who may have a slight problem is someone really tall. And-to-that, should be fortunate enough be blessed with height, then you will, of course, have the need to bend down some in reaching the handles.

Then again, with compact strollers being a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, less effort is required to push and control, therefore less strain on your back.

My Final Word

With the Ergobaby Metro, there is an extra benefit having the ability for the use of a “Newborn Kit”. This is an excellent feature for first-time parents, because, you can use the stroller from birth. Such flexibility is not always an option on another compact/lightweight strollers.

The “Newborn Kit”, is an optional extra which will add to the overall cost. In essence, a stroller quite capable of using for the main stroller and not just for going away.
In Summary; A practical choice that will fit neatly into your family life, especially if space is at a premium.

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