Infant Optics DXR 8 – Baby Monitor – Interchangeable Optical Lens

Product: Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor
Price: $229.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon
Size of Container: 32 ounce
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

DXR-8 – 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor, Product Overview

With so many baby monitors and nursery items available; Parents are quite overwhelmed, in figuring out what they need as new parents; with more sleek, stylish and practical options available. Innovations that are meant to save space, time and effort while making life easier for working moms is bewildering.

By way of my example here, I want to help you sift through the details in figuring out which baby monitor that you consider will make life that much easier. With so many choices available and as new parents; arriving at a final decision can be quite complex and mind-boggling. I aim to guide you in the direction of the DXR – 8 video baby monitor as being the most sort after choice in baby video monitors. A  baby monitor that has been chosen by new parents during 2018, as being the best everyday baby monitor.

The Infant Optics DXR-8

The DXR – 8 is the first-ever monitor with interchangeable optical lens capability, with customised viewing angle and zoom; Has a large full colour 3.5” full collectable antenna, with LED display sound-activated. With a remote pan, tilt and digital zoom.
Offers a dual-range battery life; Six hours with the screen on and ten hours power-saving mode; Along with one aluminium optical zoom lens for seeing closer with clean clarity.

Video & Audio

The DXR – 8 baby monitor with camera surpasses others as there are no other monitors who rate in comparison when it comes to the Infant Optics or the video quality.
The projected images are clear and quite sharp on the handheld parent unit.
Parents have reported that with the camera set-up in one room and by moving the monitor some reasonable distance away, (30 – 50 feet) the quality of the image didn’t vary; They indicated that movements were just as sharp as being close up.

Given that the screen size is only 3.5inches with moderately low resolution; the effect of the video quality is minimal; In fact, there is very little difference.

The DXR – 8 has the capability of accommodating extra cameras and can be monitored from the single parent unit.
However, additional cameras are separate item/s, so they are an optional extra.

Functionally of the Infant Optics offers control from the monitor; That gives you the option to rotate or pan the camera from side-to-side; Zoom in or out and tilt, dependant upon how much detail you need to view.

The overall benefit of having features like the DXR – 8 offer are advantageous; Especially given that they can all be done remotely without having to disturb your sleeping baby.

With all the up-sides to monitors, there is, of course, some down-sides also. The DXR – 8, doesn’t allow for the video recording or for that matter won’t take snaps; They are two areas that most parents see as not that important considering the other available benefits associated with this monitor.


The monitor is relatively easy to assemble with the longest wait being for the battery to charge fully; Then it’s only a matter of plugging the unit into the power outlet and turning the monitor on, and a signal should be apparent.

It’s then only a matter of familiarising yourself with the menu features, how to get started and running a few tests.

If you have a double story house or a massive single story home it will pay to run a few tests to establish clarity and audio, that way you will have a firm idea of coverage and fade out.
More than likely there could be some change, but only minimal in comparison to others.
It’s also a good idea to run some pre-operational tests on battery life.

There’s nothing worse than the battery dying in the middle the night because that is one of the most critical times you will want to be monitoring.
Try both power-saving mode and full screen. The manufacturer claims that the whole screen will last for around six hours and the power-saving-mode around ten hours.

Battery Life

However, you may-well-be surprised to learn that both modes last beyond the battery life claimed by the maker.
When running the test in the power-saving-mode, about every couple of hours switch to full screen testing the functions and so forth just like you would if your baby was there; Then turn back to power save.

Run similar tests until you are comfortable with their operation. You’ll by then have a firm understanding of functionality, and battery life.

Testing the distance range is also worth doing because not always will the signal travel as far, where there are obstructions. For instance, the maker claims it will cover a distance more than 600 feet, however, that will more likely be outside where there are no obstructions.

Inside there are many things that may interfere with reception (i.e.) wall thickness, electrical wiring, pipes and other household appliances. So knowing the inside range as opposed to the external field is worthwhile information. And for that reason alone running both tests will be more than beneficial to you.

Although the DXR – 8, hasn’t the Wi-Fi connectivity nor an AV output, other features make up for the difference.
With Wi-Fi, the most substantial benefit is being able to operate the monitor from a smartphone; None-the-less, not everyone has a smartphone.
AV output offers the ability to operate the monitor through your television as that blows up the image to the full TV screen size.

Additional Extras

The DXR – 8, has an extra beneficial feature with a temperature indicator. This feature allows you the benefit of checking the room temperature, and adjust the thermostat accordingly without the necessity of going into the room and possibly disturbing your baby.

Should space be a problem, then, the camera can be wall mounted or free stand of a shelf.

Apart from the infant optics, the unit comes with an interchangeable lens which allows a more close up of your baby and a broad sweep of the room.

The infrared LED produces sufficient light for the video, but not enough to disturb your baby.
If you were looking for a monitor that has a nightlight or baby lullabies, unfortunately, the DXR – 8 hasn’t either of these incidental features; Moreover, it’s reasonable to suggest that the other elements on offer make up for these two points.


Infant Optics doesn’t provide by far the best warranty among other video baby monitor makers.
However, there is a full year of protection from defective parts and or labour.
You can contact the manufacturer by phone every day during office hours or email the customer support team. Who will address all of your concerns or questions?


Though a few extra features are missing and it doesn’t have Wi-Fi. The Infant Optics DXR-8 still rates as the best video baby monitor. With such a simple design allows for easy to set up and use, More importantly, it provides clear, crisp image and audio quality.

Therefore, summing it all up, the DXR – 8 has sufficient features to suggest that it is the best monitor available.


Customer Rating 4 out of 5 stars (26844 Reviews)
Price $165.99
Sold By Amazon
Color White
Display Size 3.5in
Display Type LCD
Item Dimensions 19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5 in
Maximum Range 700 feet
Power Source Rechargeable battery

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