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With so many innovative baby accessories and nursery items available; Parents are overwhelmed, continuously figuring out what they need as a new parent; with more sleek, stylish and practical options available. Innovations that are meant to save space, time and effort while making life easier for working moms is bewildering.

But do you need all of them?

In my little say here, I want to help sift through the data in figuring out what you need as a new parent and make life that much easier.

New Parents;

Top baby Accessories

With a newborn in the house and possibly being first-time parents, it can get quite demanding. And, so to add to your already stressed levels, there is an expectation as parents that you monitor your baby while sleeping. Moreover, you understand that your baby’s welfare is paramount, and without a baby monitor, you will continuously be popping into the room to check.

There are a variety of baby monitors ranging from very simple audio monitors, which will alert you if your little one is awake and crying. Right through to high range video. Plus Wi-Fi baby monitors with a range of options, which allow the inter-connection through your TV or even external monitoring. While other monitors detect any baby movement almost instantly, with an alert sent to the main base.

Monitors started as audio-only infant device so that parents could keep a check on the baby without the need to go into the room. Since that time there has been a constant improvement with many added features; video cameras is one that comes to mind, with connected features to the mix so you can always keep an eye on your baby. There are many great audio monitors available that offer a variety of video monitoring.

Benefits of Choosing a Monitor with Added Features:

Likes of; Wi-Fi connection and the advantages gained by using Wi-Fi; Wireless monitors and associated benefits; Frequency; Do they create a risk; Long range; distance you think required. Moreover, Monitor Safety; Are they safe for your baby; And much more.

Top Baby Accessories

As first-time parents or expectant parents, life can get pretty hectic and downright stressful; with one of the most stress-related issues, (especially for new parents) worrying about baby sleeping without a baby monitor.

It is only natural to be concerned because you’ve never had to experience anything like this before.

Even though it is a physical/normal part of parenthood; your reactions are entirely reasonable given your concern for your baby.

So then; more-than-likely, your primary focus will be; how can we alleviate this newfound pressure that has built up within;

What Do You Need in a Baby Monitor?

Do You Have a Specific Purpose in Mind? 

What Should You Direct Your Focus Toward?

You’ll probably be also thinking what key factors best specifies our needs

  • Security
  • Night Vision
  • Pan and Swivel Tilt
  • Low Battery light
  • Sound Activated Light
  • Good Quality Audio That Will be Heard Anywhere in the Home
  • One That Offers Peace of Mind
  • And Much More

Therefore, an ideal choice of a monitor would be; one that has plenty of features; frees up your downtime, and provides you with some well-earned rest to concentrate on other things. You know; some me time;

How great a feeling would that be

Not only that, a monitor with heaps of features will give you some peace of mind; as you’ll know that if your baby stirs or for that matter makes some very soft baby sounds; a smart monitor will pick-up on them, and you will be quickly alerted?

In the world of the fast-living environment, as it is today; baby monitors are a save in grace; especially for those of you living in a large home or two-story house. It’s more likely than not; the babies room will be some distance away from the likes of; living room or kitchen area.

Imagine how hectic life would be without a monitor; how tired do you think you would be, having to climb up and down stairs many times in a day? “LITERALLY” exhausted and stressed out.

It’s stressful enough being a parent; therefore the last thing you need is extra pressure worrying about your sleeping baby.

Top Baby Accessories

A monitor with enhanced features will help take care of such concerns and, consequently; will remove a big chunk of anxiety and replace with peace of mind.

What is Most Suitable – Wireless or Wi-Fi;

Baby monitors, be wireless or Wi-Fi operate similarly as they both have a transmitting unit which is nearby to where your baby sleeps. All monitors use a signal that wirelessly transmits sound or both image and sound back to base or receiver unit.

The wireless signal design to the monitor; influences the type of message as being digital or analogue.

Top Baby Accessories

There is, of course, an audio version which is only the soup bones of monitors; because they operate just like a walkie-talkie; which communicates between two points in this case baby’s room and you. They were quite popular in day’s gone by; but with the introduction of technology they are slowly becoming fazed out and replaced with modern versions.

Wi-Fi – How Does it Work?

Let’s assume you already have a Wi-Fi connection in your home and receiving a reasonably strong signal into the home base; doesn’t mean that it will stray that way everywhere else in the house. For instance, the signal strength from the monitor (in the baby’s room) to the care unit may be somewhat weaker; so it will pay to check.

Moreover; why not run a check throughout other parts of the home, as this will also give you a firm indication of signal strengths.

These days there is such a variety of smartphones at your disposal; with a vast number of apps available; you may well find you can download one (app) to your phone which will allow the monitoring of your baby from a distance; as can family members and close friends no matter their locality.

Given You Have a Wi-Fi Connection;

  • What then is the total scope of coverage?
  • Will it effectively cover the areas deemed necessary?
  • Does the signal weaken the further, move away from the main signal point?
  • Does it work better in some rooms, but not so in others?
  • How quickly does the signal fade or drop out entirely as I move outside the home?

A strong Wi-Fi signal is significant to optimize the full benefit in this system. However, if the messaging system does weaken the message will report to the care unit; but, if the messaging drops out entirely without your knowledge, then the baby isn’t being monitored.

Top Baby Accessories

So, there are a few considerations need to be taken into account; because if it doesn’t cover every possible contingency; or most of them, then, perhaps; Wi-Fi, is not such a good choice.

Wireless Monitors How They Work?

Monitors wirelessly controlled generate signals that get transmitted through the air; therefore leaves systems open to some outside influence. Over the years parents have shown considerable concern; more recently the media exposed that a real problem exists.

Because a signaling problem may exist; there is every chance if you live in an area that is densely populated; neighbors may also have a wireless monitor system and be receiving your monitoring signals without your knowledge.

Moreover; without encryption security; your wireless signal may be picked up by other outside influences leaving your monitoring control entirely vulnerable.

Whereas digital monitors use an encryption system, so all transmissions are securely transmitted. However; the lastest wireless monitors (but not all), are using an encryption system which does offer a more secure way of communicating.

Also worth noting; wireless monitors do have their fair share of interference; many things generate interference; such as other wireless signals, specific electrical equipment, radios, and with many more factors that may create some interference.

The point being wireless signals are more prone to interference than that of digital monitors.

Top Baby Accessories

However, I must add there is an initial audio-only version which operates effectively; but without such features; Wi-Fi encryption, security connectivity or movement sensors.

When looking for a monitor; Functionally these days plays a pivotal role or in fact are essential; therefore; should be part of every parent’s mindset.

Long Range – How Far Will They Reach;

The range has a vital role to play when choosing; so a reasonable understanding of how much distance you think necessary will be crucial; as many different makes and models cover varying distances. Therefore, guess-estimating how much length required will be essential.

Range from an audio monitor is more extensive than others and can cover quite a distance. However, the distance range will vary, depending on what make/s you have in mind or think will suit your needs.

Ranges, as stipulated by different manufacturers, vary quite extensively; as some will reach several hundred feet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the ideal choice for your house.

Top Baby Monitors

Throughout the home, there will be obstructions, wall thickness, type of wiring between walls, furniture and so forth; they all can impact on the signal strength.


The importance of taking the time to read various user reviews; is significant. Because you will have first-hand do’s and don’ts at your fingertips regarding multiple makes and models. Not only that; surveys will provide honest feedback from personal experience; that sort of feedback is most precious; moreover beneficial to you.

The more reviews you read, the higher the likelihood your chance of making a right buying decision that is best suited to you.

A Couple of Other Points Worthy of Mention;

Always keep receipts along with the monitor’s container. Store the warranty in a secure place; because if your purchase doesn’t meet with expectation as stipulated by the manufacturer proof of purchase will be required before a refund will be considered.

Monitor Safety – How Safe Are Baby Monitors?

These days monitors use a wireless frequency system for transmitting information; the only difference one is analogue and the other a digital.

Even though it appears that analogue being a safer option to that of digital; the analogue system being wireless does however raise some concern; with emitting radiation.

Baby monitors don’t rely on wires to communicate. Therefore they do emit a radio frequency. Moreover; the form of radiation they emit allows the system to maintain a secure connection; this applies to the bulk of monitors on the market.

Top Baby Accessories

Bearing in mind; you’ll need to weigh up the frequency risks associated with baby monitors; as most are not exempt from the frequency.

If you have any doubt at all; balance up the pros and cons; frequency V monitor recording. That way you’ll be in complete control of the situation.

Moreover; if you are still undecided on what’s best; Click here to view my number 1# Choice.

Infant Optics DXR 8 – Baby Monitor – Interchangeable Optical Lens

Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.

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  1. My friend the other day was looking for top baby monitors that worked with iPhones!  There is so much choice out there, and so many functions these days that enable to monitor your baby better than ever before.

    I need security, Night and day vision, Pan and swivel functions, lighting, good sound quality and reliable with good battery life.  Because I work at home in my home office I need to be on call all the time, so it is important I have a product that works well in all situations and can easily connect with my phone.

    I want to know that instant that my baby is safe and I can be alerted to any dangers without delay.  Thanks for giving me some great tips on what to look for in a baby monitor, there are so many bad products out there, I don’t want to get the wrong one and pay the price. 

    • Hi, there Kris,

      Thank you for taking the time in responding with regard to my site.

      You are absolutely right; There are many monitors in the market place and a vast array of choice. Like most other things in life, there are some awesome ones and not so good ones.

      it is inherent, as most mums these days are always concerned with the welfare of their sleeping baby; So instant warning is of paramount importance in keeping mum up to date, more so, should something unforeseen occur.   

      The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has all the features that you are looking for. However, the only feature that it lacks is mobile phone connectivity, which is a shame in some respects, because mums these days are very transient and the mobile connectivity offers that further option.

      Thanks again for taking the time out, much appreciated


  2. Being able to monitor your babies remotely at all times has the capacity of relieving mothers of the stress they pass-through putting an eye on their babies. With a fast internet connection on durable devices like the ones listed in this article Puting an eye  on your baby would be fun for mothers.

    • Hi, there zuchii,

      Thank you for your valuable and honest feedback.

      Mums these days are constantly under stress, and more so when there is a new baby in the house. Thanks to modern technology, and with the developing of baby monitor features, a reasonable chunk of stress is now alleviated. Mums who have a baby monitor realize the overall benefit they provide, so that gives them that little bit of time to themselves.

      thank again


  3. Hi Tom – very useful information in your post about choosing a baby monitor.  Do you have some specific brands and models of baby monitors that you would recommend?  I am looking at buying a baby monitor but not for monitoring a newborn baby.  I am looking at purchasing one for monitoring my elderly father at night.  

    Thank you,


    • Hi, there Michele,

      Thank you for your post,

      From all the research conducted, all indications are that the; The DXR – 8 is the first-ever monitor with interchangeable optical lens capability, with customized viewing angle and zoom; Has a large full color 3.5” full collectible antenna, with LED display sound-activated, with a remote pan, tilt and digital zoom.

      Offers a dual range battery life; Six hours with screen on and ten hours power saving mode; Along with one aluminum optical zoom lens for seeing closer with clean clarity;

      Because of its features, it lends itself toward the sort of benefits mums are looking for:  Consequently, it is the most sort after choice, even though there are other brands that do offer some extra features.

      With the, DXR-8 having the capability of “angle/zoom”, and interchangeable optical lens, stands above all others, making it the 1# choice.
      I’m mainly concentrating on baby monitors; Therefore, I guess that I am of not much use in offering some opinion regarding something for your father.

      Thanks again as I appreciate your post.


    • Hi, there, Michelle, Monitors are quite sophisticated today but from the reviews, I have done. Nanit Plus does come out on top, even though it’s far from the cheapest; But, that is overshadowed by the benefits available.


    • Hi, there,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I hope that my response helped.

      If you have any further question or concerns, please contact me for a reply.



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