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The battle to get enough quality sleep for parents is equally important as it is for new babies. There’s nothing worse than when you have to battle through the night attending to your baby. Especially in the first few months. Also, in those moments alone, you’re making crucial decisions concerning the welfare of your baby. So, by establishing a consistent end-of-day unwinding pattern, by going to bed around the same time each night readies the mind and body for a night of quality sleep. Particularly, if you retire just after your baby drops off to sleep. In this Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Review, I will look at the benefits, what the monitor offers, and whether it’s the perfect choice for you and other family members.

Who Is Nanit?

They are an American technology company who develop baby monitors. Around five years ago, Nanit started with a vision to improve the quality of sleep for parents and babies by developing monitors connected to a mobile application. The purpose was to capture baby movement data through a video recording, analysis, then share the data footage insights of baby movements.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitoring Logo

The company was founded in 2015 by, Tor Ivry, Andrew Berman and Dr Assaf Glazer.

Company CEO is Dr Assaf Glazer.

In June 2016, they were awarded a research and development funding of 6.6 million dollars.

Nanit Headquarters are located in New York City

Lifestyle Changes For New Parents

Many parents find lifestyle changes difficult with the arrival of a new baby. More so, first-time parents.
So, adjusting, to a different way of life is challenging, and more particularly at night.
The most challenging, are multiple feeding times each night, or a 3.30 am Diaper change.
They are unavoidable responsibilities in the first few months of baby’s arrival. But necessary.

So is it any wonder, new parents find themselves glassy-eyed from lack of sleep?

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors, with the aid of modern technology, have in recent times, closed the gap in helping you manage, and check on baby’s welfare during sleep times. Advancements are such; you will be alerted when baby stirs when they are awake or crying.

At the same time, others provide a humidity check of the room. And all this is available with a remote monitor, and without having to get out of bed unnecessarily.

What Are The Nanit Monitor Extras?

Wall Mounts

The wall mount offers an unsurpassed fly on the wall view with safe cable management. While the floor stand can be used either a lean against the wall method or converted to a freestanding style.

Breathing Wear

Breathing Wear works together with Nanit Plus to monitor your baby’s breathing motion in real-time and alert you if they need your attention.

There are three options available:

Breathing Wear Starter Pack

The starter pack, $39.99, is an ideal extra for those parents who are starting out. It includes a single breathing band, and a Nanit Swaddle (small). Having the choice of two allows for you to determine which suits your baby best. Both conjoint with the Nanit Plus camera is monitoring the baby’s breathing without any sensors attached to their body.

Nanit Complete Monitoring System Wall Mount

The Nanit Complete Monitoring System Wall Mount, $379 includes every single thing needed in tracking baby’s sleep and breathing motion. The responsiveness of the camera detects everything that is happening around the crib, and with impeccable clarity. Included with the package is a transportable multi-stand that can accompany your baby travels. Plus a one-year Nanit Insights, video history, sleep tracking and coaching.

Nanit Complete Monitoring System


Nanit Complete Monitoring System Floor Stand

The Nanit Complete Monitoring System wall mount or floor stand $449 includes every single thing needed in tracking baby’s sleep and breathing motion. The responsiveness of the camera detects everything that is happening around the crib, and with impeccable clarity. Included with the package is a transportable multi-stand that can accompany your baby travels. Plus a one-year Nanit Insights, video history, sleep tracking and coaching.

What Is the Science Behind Nanit Baby Monitor?

Baby’s sleep is one of the most critical factors of your child’s physical and mental developments. Not-only-that, it’s the fuel that babies developing brain craves. That’s why Nanit has built a better way to improve the baby and family sleep with peace of mind.

Are Nanit Baby Monitors Value For Money?

Time magazine in 2018, named the Nanit Plus monitor as the best invention for that year. Describing it as being designed and built to support baby sleep patterns. The basic model starts at $299 that includes one year of Nanit Insights, sleep tracking and coaching.

There are additional features available, but they are optional extras, that attract extra costing.

Customer Reviews 

Following are some customer reviews that relate the the satisfaction these parents enjoy since purchasing this revolutionary Baby Monitor.

Nanit Baby Monitor Reviews

What Is Their Reality Version, And Why?

Better Sleep: Personalised sleep guidance at your fingertips.

Sleep Solved: Takes the guesswork out of sleep with personalised coaching.

Understand Their Night And Conquer Sleep: Identify sleep issues, adjust and get back on track fast.

Morning Briefing: Nanit Insights delivers last night’s highlight reel to help you understand those morning mysteries.

When Nanit commenced, 2015, their vision was to create better sleep habits for parents and babies. Five years on, and they have taken significant steps in making it a reality. Understanding a baby’s sleeping patterns is a challenge, and they realised that.

So, finding a solution posed even more significant challenges. Still, they were dedicated to transforming the way that babies slept, and by empowering parents with technology and tools required to arrive at informed parental decisions. Realising the importance of sleep to the entire family was also vital, so it needed to be revolutionary in a way that it provided peace of mind for everyone.

Who Are The Nanit Team?

The vision was to develop technology, that was exceptionally smart and safer for the baby and parents. The team carries a distinguished background of knowledge, and they have applied that into developing a brand that serves new babies and parents the best possible outcome.

With that in mind, the Nanit team consisting of scientists, parents and designers developed a software program to help measure a baby’s sleeping behaviour.

Nanit Baby Monitor Sleep Victories

Why Is Baby Sleep Patterns Important?

Undoubtedly sleep in the first few months of a baby’s life is crucial for physical and mental development. And sleep is something babies crave.

We all know and understand the importance of nutrition and exercise and sleep is also another one of the building blocks for babies and young children alike. As reported by the Nanit pediatrician, Dr Natalie Barnett, babies that have a healthy sleep pattern and sleeping habits, sleep better and longer than babies with inconsistent sleep habits. Nanit technology is assisting parents, and family get the sleep they require to flourish.

How good would it be to know if your baby slept well last night, and what adjustments are necessary to the nap and feeding schedules? Moreover, if such information was there in the palm of your hand. Wouldn’t that be of enormous relief?

Just think how good would it be, waking up to a brand new day, and before getting out of bed, knowing exactly how your day will unfold.

The Nanit Insights records all information about your baby’s night or day activity. And, all need do log into you Nanit App, and all the information is accessible, in a detailed form.

For instance, things like, how many times you entered the nursery, a comprehensive recap of their night’s sleep, sleep trends by comparing sleeping times of your baby as compared to the healthy averages. And, allows you to oversee whether your baby’s sleep patterns are improving over time. Plus, provides insights into spotting trends on how your baby is reaching new milestones. With the Nanit App, all this is at your fingertips and retrievable within 60 seconds.

Nanit Research V’s National Sleep Foundation

  •  Nanit Insights, analysed over 6,000 babies sleep patterns throughout the USA, in ages from 1 – 12 months old, and calculated over six months. They then compared that data to that of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) polling. As no surprise, Nanit assisted babies were more independent sleepers. So, were less likely in need of any attention during the night. According to the NSF data, 29% of babies don’t require parental guidance. While the Nanit Insights data revealed that their Nanit baby figure was 34%.
  • Research also unearthed Nanit Insights babies, up to 11 months old, on average, slept 10% longer.
  • The average bedtime for Nanit babies is around 8 pm, while the NSF average is after 9 pm.

Nanit Insights provides you with vital information, and at the right time; allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your baby’s welfare.

Parents with Nanit Insights are in a position to take a more sustained proactive approach in monitoring and helping ensure that their baby is on track to achieve developmental milestones.

It’s a well-known fact that sleep is so crucial for newborns mental and physical development. More notably, brain development and central nervous mechanism.


Nanit audio and video are superb and unsurpassed in quality.

The user manual is a complete and thorough guide on setup and is extremely easy to follow. In most instances, the assembly can be completed in around 10 minutes.

Astoundingly intelligent tracking feature combining computer vision and data recording, giving you the best night’s sleep possible.

Allows for the most comfortable sleep with humidity tracking in the room


Quite expensive, as the optional extras are sold separately, although included with the Nanit Plus Camera is a one year of Nanit Insights sleep tracking and coaching.

Final Word

It’s reasonable to suggest the Nanit Plus is not the most affordable baby monitor. But, don’t be swayed by price, because you mustn’t lose sight of the fact, you are making a decision on the most valuable person on this earth. For this reason alone, costing shouldn’t be a significant consideration.

Access to informed yet crucial information that otherwise isn’t available with other monitors is worth a lot. Apart from that, it helps you in making well-informed decisions; it also provides peace of mind for the entire family.

Most baby monitors these days, have some sort of techy gadgets connected to them, but in reality, how useful is the data? The Nanit Insights, the data is more than just a piece of software, it offers every single bit of information that relates to your baby’s sleeping patterns. And, knowledge of this type is invaluable.

But the most significant aspect, it works, and very easy to access. So, it will help you to have peace of mind and be more relaxed.

What Is The Best Baby Monitor With App - Nanit Plus






Quality Overall



  • Audio And Video High Quality
  • Complete Detailed User Manual
  • Intelligent Tracking Feature
  • Room Humidity Tracking


  • Expensive
  • Optional Extras Sold Separately

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