Why Are Baby Monitors So Popular Review – Find Out Why

In my post, I aim to provide you with an honest, insightful, yet thorough review of four of the more popular baby monitors.

Before I get into my review, I want to give you the high pitch as to what is the primary purpose behind this review. It is to provide some clarity, along with insightful aspects as to why baby monitors are so popular; And how they will help you?

First-time parents are understandably concerned with the welfare of their new baby and more especially when sleeping. With night-time being the most stressful.

In my review; I have four super suggestions of how the more popular baby monitors stack up, and how they are a real asset to parents, and I will individually summarize why having a baby monitor is essential.

I have primarily positioned my focus toward the more popular models, from the top of the range technological model, down to the more everyday type monitor. Admittedly, many others raise appeal and well worth consideration.

Nevertheless, research has identified, the four makes in my review, as being universally considered, amongst the more popular choices.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC517 Monitor

Nanit Plus Sleep System Monitor

Philips Avent SCD630/37

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor;

Product: Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor
Price: $229.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon
Size of Container: 32 ounce
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

For many years Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor has been rated as the top video baby monitor, outperforming other monitors; Particularly, for the audio and video quality.

And that is just one of the excellent features, among many others.

Complemented by a screen, that is straightforward to navigate, manipulation of the angle control from the screen is another great feature.

It’s easy to understand why the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor, has been endorsed by many of the top 2018 reviews.

Tests performed on other monitors have hi-lighted the DXR-8 baby monitor as being a standout. For more great offers click hereFor more great offers click here

As you would expect, the usual basic features expected from all video baby monitors performed well.


Video Quality; Is of a standout in comparison to many others.

Room temperature facility is of enormous benefit as overheating in the nursery can be an issue.

Zoom – Pan – Tilt; Is excellent especially, the adaptability it offers.

Multiple-Cameras; Viewing up to four cameras in real-time display. Generally speaking, this is an excellent feature for viewing in more than one single location with all cameras viewable in real time. Flexibility Plus An Absolute Must Have

Interchangeable-Camera Lens; For example, being able to interchange lens. How good is that? Any wonder this monitor is the leader of the pack

Full Angle Camera, Allows for a full-scale pan of the nursery. For instance, being able to manipulate the camera angle for observational purposes, has enormous benefit.


Lullaby Music; Generally speaking, this is a feature that isn’t available in many other brands including the DXR-8. Moreover, it’s not as frequent as you would expect but is available.

To summarize; Rated as being the most popular wireless baby monitor in its class. Therefore, with so many benefits on offer, it is challenging to overlook in preference to others available.

Angelcare AC517 Baby Monitor

Product: Angelcare ac517 5″ Video Baby Monitor
Price: $199.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: AMAZON 
Size of Container: 3 Pounds
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor AC517; Image quality is rated among the best available and comes with an impressive list of features.

For instance, the visual quality of a 5″ touchscreen has a definite benefit, especially for night vision when it is most needed.

Moreover, parents have expressed that too many features can create all sorts of un-necessary anxiousness. With the most concern centered around trusting the effectiveness of the alert system should there be a problem?

Incidentally, the AC517 is also expandable as you can add four extra cameras for viewing in different areas throughout the home; And all with same time seeing.

In particular, and worth noting, the AC517, monitors, baby’s movements with the aid if a wireless sensor pad placed under the mattress. The tiniest of changes are detected, even with breathing, and if there is no further movement within the twenty seconds, an alarm will be sound. Besides, if your baby wriggles to the far corners of the crib, an alert signal will also be raised.

Conversely; if the movement is not of concern; Then for a fewer dollars less, the DXR-8 is a more viable option being the most sort after baby monitor in 2018/19.   Click here for more great offersFor more great offers click here

Moreover, this is quite a comprehensive package; With the breathing and movement monitoring and a larger display, offers value.


5” touchscreen

Room temperature sensor

Digital zoom and pan

Movement sensor pad

Night Vision

Assembly tabletop or wall mount

Screen saver


Lullaby music; Generally speaking, this is a feature that isn’t available in many other brands including the AC517. Moreover, it’s not as frequent as you would expect but is available.

Because there is no nightlight or a nap/feeding timer, and if they are essential to you, you’ll need to consider that.

Overall, This is a very impressive baby monitor, and in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Nanit Plus Sleep System Baby Monitor

Product: Nanit Plus Sleep System 5″ Digital Video Baby Monitor
Price: $296.50 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Size of Container: 7.5 Pounds
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

Generally speaking, it seems this monitor has been designed or aimed toward parents who are obsessed with having a passion for knowing and tracking absolutely everything concerning their baby. Mind you; there is nothing wrong with that, but, too much information can be overwhelming, and cause undue stress.

Incidentally, it was the overall winner of the Bump’s 2018 Best-Baby-Awards.

Nanit has an app for Android and iOS devices that connect to the baby monitor. After installing the app there is a walk through tutorial which walks you through the setup/connection system, then you’re ready to go.

Incidentally; your vision is the same as what the monitor sees.

The Wi-Fi camera provides all the usual video monitoring features, but, goes one step further in capturing your baby’s sleeping patterns during the night with the aid of the mobile app.

Besides; it draws lines to let the app know where the edges of the crib are; And, therefore, activity reports from the camera are more accurate.

Nanit supplies personal reports in conjunction with pediatric sleep doctors. For example, tracking of when your baby’s asleep/awake and to add to that, how often you had to come in, to check during the night.

Screen Size;

Having a sizable screen will produce a much clearer visual understanding without being in the nursery.

Live Streaming;

For example; no matter what time, day or night having the ability to live stream into the nursery when the baby is sleeping is like a gift from heaven.

Nanit Wall Mount:

Comparatively easy to set-up and there are no exposed cords.

Generally speaking, affixing the mounts to the wall behind the baby’s crib is relatively straight forward.

By and large, a great feature that provides an outstanding overhead view of the baby.

Night Vision;

Unquestionably, a feature of enormous benefit, particularly with having a zoom in and out feature; especially in the middle of the night; On the other hand, without a zoom feature, frequent visits to the nursery would be an absolute necessity.

Provision for high definition streaming to your phone, in real time is ideal for parents; Particularly those who have a busy lifestyle. Consequently, with an always-connected approach no matter your location, is without question, a considerable benefit. click here for more great offersFor more great offers click here

Finally, for those mums and dads who are back to work, this would be the ideal choice. Additionally, if you’re somewhere in the house, you’re always connected and will be able to hear when they need you to speak or interact with them.


  • Mobile App
  • Intuitive navigation
  • VOX room and humidity sensor
  • Lullabies


  • Two-Way-Communication;

If you are looking at the Nanit Original, Be Aware, this model doesn’t have the two-way communication.

Without any two-way communication, you basically, have no way of communicating remotely; Therefore, many visits to the nursery will be necessary for the checking of your baby.

However, with the upgraded model ( Nanit Plus); the feature has been included.

In summary, with the design of the camera it only captures a rectangular field of vision, focused on the baby’s crib with manual rotation. Thereby, if you are expecting your monitor to rotate automatically, then this may be a point worthy of consideration.

In particular, this is why it is the most advanced baby monitor of its class.

Other video baby monitors are available, less sophisticated and cheaper and generally speaking will provide all the essential features. It all gets down to what you want from your baby monitor. If you want one with all the bells and whistles, then this will be your choice. Otherwise, looking elsewhere for a less expensive monitor should be your preferred choice.

Philips Avent SCD630/37;

Product: Philips Avent SCD630/37 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor
Price: $155.00 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Size of Container: 1.4 Pounds
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

To begin with, this is a digital baby monitor, convenient and easy-to-use. Along with, excellent video and audio including a 3.5″ screen with high picture quality.

Ideal for parents who are looking exclusively for a video baby monitor that is generally easy to use and operate.

Furthermore, the assembly and set up is relatively easy and is operational within a short space of time.

A point worth noting, this model has a Vox mode and can be a little tricky understanding its operation. Using the Vox mode the monitor will only respond to sound, not motion.

With many features coupled with the flexibility of being able to watch over your baby. Reliable monitor parents would feel quite comfortable using

The additional advantage of a digital monitor has greater capabilities as opposed to the wireless monitor.

Viewing screen;

A clear transparent 3.5″ display with exceptional infra-red resolution ideal clarity for night viewing; The great thing about this, it automatically turns on in darkness, with a dual zoom feature for greater room coverage.

Adapter Technology;

For instance, the technology attached to this handset has unique security and privately connect, makes for a very safe connection to your baby with minimal interference.


Also, it has inbuilt customized sensors that allow the monitoring of the temperature; and will raise an alert if there is a temperature change in the nursery. For example, your baby may become restless if there is the slightest change in room temperature. In such instances, you’ll receive an alert signal; there is a problem that may require your attention.


The Philips Avent SCD630/37 comes with the lullaby feature. What a handy addition this is from a few respects. In particular, the middle of the night when your baby only needs some comforting. Turn on the dimly lit light, turn on the lullaby music, and more than likely baby will go back to sleep.


  • Vox mode; responds to sound, but not the movement. I guess its a bit like having your cup half full
  • Two-Way-Communication; A distinct advantage of being able to communicate with your baby without entering the nursery
  • Lullabies; There are a choice of five lullaby sounds for camera or remote operation
  • Infra-Red-Vision; Rates among the best in quality for night viewing
  • Temperature sensor; What a key feature being able to monitor the nursery temperature. A nice feature, especially for those winter months when the nursery can get quite cold especially at night click here for more information


  • Pan Tilt; Because the camera is ln a fixed position, focused at the crib, there is no ability for panning or tilt. Generally, this is one of the main features that parents like. And without this feature, your viewing is limited if this is one of the items on your wish list of preferences then, then most likely not an ideal choice and should be removed from your list of options.
  • Noise Levels;

Many parents have indicated that it emits a level of static, higher than what they would expect; As a result, the eco mode has difficulty in being able only to pick up vital sounds causing the monitor to be continually running and not going into the power saving mode.

There is, of course, a band aid solution; Mounting the camera at a higher point may help in reducing unwanted static. That way noise levels that are of importance get recorded only.

  • Camera Mount;

The positioning of the camera may take a bit of nutting out to maximize its operational efficiency; accuracy is of the utmost importance. Additionally, an independent easy to assemble stand comes with the unit. The stand can be used in place of wall mounting.

If you are looking for a digital baby monitor with fewer benefits; And the fixed positioning of the camera is of no concern then this a good buy.

My Final Summing Up – Baby Monitors;

The technology of recent years has come along way with baby monitors being no exception. Way gone are the times of having to pop into the nursery to make sure that your sleeping baby is OK while at the same time hoping that your presence doesn’t disturb the baby. Just on your way out when (“Oh No”,) baby wakes up. Worse still if this happens to be early hours of the morning; As we all know that is the hardest time to settle your baby.

With the aid of a baby, monitor checking is so much easier. You have full viewing access to the nursery including noise and movement sensitivity without having to leave your bedroom, or for that matter frees you up to do other things during the daytime. Incidentally, with the myriad of features, available life after childbirth is so much easier and more especially for those busy parents.

Philips Avent SCD630/37;

If you are looking more toward a digital monitor with fewer of the fancier features, then, this may be an ideal choice.

In My Opinion; has many features, but does lack other features.


  • Vox mode:
  • Two-way communication:
  • Lullabies:
  • Infra-Red vision:
  • Temperature sensor:


  • Pan Tilt:
  • Noise Levels:
  • Camera Mount:

I don’t see any reason for disregarding this monitor; with some features that the Philips Avent offers are not available on others. So it’s a little give or takes to say.

RATING 9 out of 10

Angelcare AC517 Monitor;

Are you looking for a baby monitor that rates among the higher end of the market? Then it is tough to go past the Angelcare. There are stacks of features that on the surface will entice serious consideration. Moreover, it is quite a comprehensive package even though there are parents who believe too many features can create all sorts of un-necessary anxiousness. My opinion; stacked with features, presents well, and if that is what you are looking, then black book this monitor.


  • Movement sensor pad:
  • Assembly tabletop or wall mount:
  • 5” touchscreen:
  • Digital zoom and pan:
  • Room temperature sensor:
  • Screen saver:
  • Night Vision:


  • Lullaby music:
  • Nightlight or a nap/feeding timer

As you can see the only two missing features are not such a drawback. Although I must say, no nightlight or a nap/feeding timer happens to be one of the more fancied features, but not that it has a substantial overall impact on the monitor. Are you looking for something that is just below the top of the range, then this will suit?

RATING: 9.4 out of 10

Nanit Plus Sleep System Monitor;

What is there to say about the Nanit Plus. Pure and simple, top of the range in digital monitors. If there are any faults with this monitor, it would have to be all the eco-driven features. The design of the monitor is for those parents who have a deep passion for wanting to be able to track absolutely everything concerning their baby.


  • Mobile App:
  • Intuitive navigation:
  • VOX room and humidity sensor:
  • Lullabies:


The only disadvantage I could find is the two-way-communication; as this in to available in the Nanit Original

The Nanit Plus Sleep System Monitor which is a later version does have the two-way communication

If you are thinking about a monitor that delivers a bit of feature, then it is impossible to go past the Nanit Plus.

Incidentally, it is worthy of note all the included features do come with a pretty hefty price tag. So, unless you want something with fewer benefits, then this probably won’t suit. My Opinion; other choices offer essential features, maybe not as significant as this one. But, are much cheaper.

9.6 out of 10

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor;

For some considerable time, the Infant Optics DXR-8 has stood the test of time as being the most sort after monitor. Chosen by parents as the best wireless monitor for 2018, and that speaks for itself.

Audio and video are of the highest quality with performance and clarity unquestionably, far superior.

This monitor has so much to like about it; The multiple camera feature provides a capacity of up to four cameras with simultaneous viewing and all in real time.

There is a Full-scale camera angle with a full view of the nursery including zoom in and out.

Is it any wonder the various tests performed on the DXR-8, have all came to the same conclusion, that this monitor is a standout in wireless monitors.


  • Video Quality:
  • Room temperature control:
  • Zoom – Pan:
  • Multiple Cameras:
  • Interchangeable Camera Lens:
  • Full Angle Camera:


  • Lullaby Music:

In My Opinion; Looking for a monitor with the lot, then look no further than the Infant Optics DXE-8. This wireless monitor has been rated best by parents who tried and tested, so that says more than what I can say in words. Moreover, it is a wireless version and not digital, but, if digital doesn’t phase you, then it is hard to bypass the DXR-8.

9.8 out of 10


As I indicated earlier, my review is only a sampling of what is available, but, more importantly, the four that I have reviewed are rated among the most sort after monitors parents are choosing above the others.

If you are more interested in a digital, then it’s a choice between, Angelcare AC517 – Nanit Plus Sleep System. Then it all comes down to preference. In splitting the two, the Angelcare AC517 would be my choice. However, if you want a monitor with all the bells and whistles, then the Nanit Plus Sleep System Monitor will be it. Finally, there is a definite difference in price between them.

More interested in the wireless monitor, as most parents are. Then it’s almost impossible to look any further than the DXR-8. It is loaded with extras, rated as parents choice, 2018. Additionally, it comes with a price tag well within most parents budget. My favorite as it is a standout.

If the monitor you’re interested in. Isn’t one of the four in my review then

For more great offers click here

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